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Penstyle, it was also called ego-f1, Good atomization effect, you can gently suck out the smoke. Battery capacity: 650MAH/900MAH/1100MAH



Prodoct Specification:

Size: L142mm * D14mm

Material: Stainless Steel

Battery style: Manual

Battery capacity: 650MAH/ 900MAH/1100MAH

Charging time: 3-4 hours charge and it will cut off automatically when the battery is full.

Color: Black/White/Red/ Blue or other customized color by customers.

Packing: Top-grade gift box packing


1. Battery capacity 1100 MAH, 3-5 days normal use without charge

2. Manual battery, great vapor, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of smoking.

3. Good atomization effect, you can gently suck out the smoke

4. You can give up smoking pain-freely as the WHO recommended "four-step therapy"

5. No tar, no second-hand smoke hazards, can be used in public 


I. Please refill the clearomizer or charge the battery when the smoke ignificantly decreases

II. The life-span of Atomizer is 3-4 months, please don’t let the atomizer close to water.

III. A single cartomzier fully filled can be pumped 600-900 puffs, but depending on the vital capacity of individual.


Using the Ego-F1

The EGO-F1 works only when you press then LED button. Press the LED button and inhale at the same time. Release the button after inhaling.when you press the button. The LED light will turn on.Press the button too long may cause overheating and damage the EGO-F1.

Maintaning Product

Maintaning the EGO-F1 functioning well, you should use as directed and clean regularly . Be careful not to let dust into atmizer and battery component. 


1.Atomizer can not be used without e-liquid, and be far away from the water. 

2.You should use only the dedicated USB charger provided to avoid damaging battery. 
3.Use the high voltage USB port to charge properly.

4.charger the battery fully before using to maintain a good battery life

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