Shipping Methods & cost
Shipping Methods & cost  
There are two different shipping methods for your choices:
a. International Express
    It will take about 5 days to deliver to you for your order worldwide normally.This shipping methods is the fastest,  and we will inform you tracking number, you can track it online.
Track Shipments
Track EMS Shipment  ,Click EMS Logo on left, then enter the tracking 13 digit item number, the format is EB001606975CN. you can visit your country post  website:
DHL Track DHL Shipment of the format JD0001234567800012
Click DHL Logo on left, then choose Track "By Ident Code" option for either UK Domestic or European Service depending on Package Destination. 
Tracking number is always in the format JD000 followed by the 13 digit numeric tracking number with no spaces. An example would be JD0001234567800012
DHL Track DHL Shipment of the format 444 0956 9999
Click DHL Logo on left, then enter the tracking number (with no spaces) on the space provided in the top left of the page and click "Track" .
TNT Track TNT Shipment, Click TNT Logo on left, then enter the tracking number

UPS Track UPS Shipment , Click UPS Logo on left, then enter the tracking number


b. China Post Air Parcel
 (not available at the moment)

c. If you will know exactly your shipping rate, please check it the following table: International Express shipping cost=cost of first 0.5Kg+cost of each additional 0.5Kg,   


First 0.5Kg
Additional 0.5Kg
Macau, Taiwan (Hong Kong first o.5kg is $5.5, additional 0.5kg is $1.5)
Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea
U.S.A , Canada
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, U.K., Vanuatu
South Asia, South America
Middle East, East Europe, Africa, Latin America, CIS & others


It  will take 2-3 weeks to deliver to you for your order worldwide normally, But cheaper prices. If your order has small weight, and you can wait for your package longer period of time, this shipping method, with cheaper cost, will be your good solution.
By this methods, we will inform you china post invoice number, but you can not track it online. China Post Air Parcel shipping cost=cost of first 0.1Kg+ cost of each additional 0.1Kg
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