Benifits of ZM E-Cigarette

ZM E-Cigarette is liberating! It’s time to get back out in the real world and live your life, in spite of whatever smoking bans may exist in your area.  Since your electronic cigarette generates no smoke and burns no tobacco whatsoever, feel free to enjoy it out in the open with no guilt, social stigma, or fear of legal ramifications.

ZM E-Cigarette is healthier! Current statistics suggest that 50% of established cigarette smokers will die from tobacco-related issues. Unlike traditional cigarettes, which are notorious for causing such diseases as emphysema, asthma, heart disease and various cancers, the electronic cigarette contains none of the harmful elements. No tobacco, no tar, and no carcinogenic additives of any kind – just vaporized nicotine designed to fulfill your craving for the real deal.

ZM E-Cigarette is safer for those around you! Since the e-cigarette produces no second-hand smoke, individuals in your immediate environment will not be exposed to any of the common components generated by a lit cigarette, such as vinyl chloride, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, benzene and arsenic ammonia. Everyone around you can breathe a lot easier.

ZM E-Cigarette is more affordable!  Traditional cigarettes, at an average cost of $5.00 per pack (with taxes), take a significant bite out of any budget. With the LifeLine e-cigarette, your modest up-front investment pays off in as little as one month and merely requires the purchase of occasional and affordable nicotine replacement cartridges.

ZM E-Cigarette is convenient! Gone are the days that you have to carry a lighter or worry about adverse weather conditions putting a damper on your flame. As long as your smoking device is charged, you can enjoy your LifeLine whenever, wherever, with no need whatsoever to rely on a match or friendly stranger.

ZM E-Cigarette can help you kick the habit! If you’ve been hopelessly addicted to tobacco and are seeking an alternative to nicotine gum and transdermal patches, using nicotine cartridges with decreasing strengths over an extended period of time can offer effective smoking cessation while still fulfilling the user’s physical and tactile cravings.

ZM E-Cigarette is eco-friendly! More than ever, even the smallest lifestyle adjustments that we choose to embrace can add up to significant environmental benefits. By choosing to use an electronic smoking device, you eliminate second-hand smoke and generate no post-consumer waste! There are no cellophane wrappers, cardboard packs or cigarette butts to toss away – simply load a nicotine cartridge into your e-cigarette and use it repeatedly (for approximately 600 drags).

ZM E-Cigarette is relationship-friendly! If your significant other has complained that your smoking habit makes your breath, clothing, hair and hands smell unpleasant – or perhaps they’ve commented that your teeth have turned an unattractive shade of yellow – then by all means, let them know that you are making the switch to a far better alternative. By breaking free from traditional cigarettes, men (in particular) will also reduce their risk of impotence thanks to increased blood flow and find that the object of their affection just might want to cozy up to them a lot more often!

ZM E-Cigarette reduces stress! There are so many different reasons why people incorporate smoking into their lives, but no matter how strong-willed they may be, many unanimously agree that it is by far one of the most challenging habits to kick. An e-cigarette, however, offers the same nicotine stress reduction factors of its predecessor with none of the associated health concerns. Add to that the overall relief of making no more trips outside your favorite restaurant or bar to light up, no more concern that the people around you will perceive your indulgence as a threat to their health and no more worries that you may be perceived as a second-class citizen -- so many reasons to celebrate!

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