Terminology / Glossary of all things Electronic Cigarette related.

As you will no doubt find out , if you haven't already. Electronic cigarette users have begun to use slang words and abbreviations for various aspects of the Electronic cigarette community.
Here are just a few of the main ones you may come across to get you going...
They are in no particular order and by no means a comprehensive list.


Atty / Att :- Atomiser

Analogue :- Normal Tobacco Cigarette

Batt :- Battery.

Ecig / E-Cig :- Electronic Cigarette

E-liquid / Ecig-liquid / Juice :- the fluid needed for an ecig to work.

PG :- Propolyne glycol - the main bulk of E-liquids

VG :- Vegetable Glycerin - A alternative to PG

Vaper : An Electronic cigarette user

To Vape / Vaping :- Using an electronic cigarette.

Pacifier mode / Heavy vaping :- Continually using the electronic cigarette "like a dummy".

PV :- Personal vapouriser .- A non cigarette looking device for vaping

Mouth inhale :- Sucking the vapour into your mouth before inhaling. (akin to analogue smoking)

Lung inhale :- Breathing through the Electronic cigarette straight into lungs.

Throat hit :- The feeling of the vapour inside the airway.( many different definitions)

Cart :- Cartridge

Wool / Filler :- The material inside a cartridge

(Direct )Dripping :- The process of using an empty cartridge, and dripping Ecig-liquid onto the atomiser as and when required. ( Not for novices)

Wick :- The covered bridge across the atomiser - sucks the e-liquid from the cart to the atty.

Smoke :- What you do / get from a normal cigarette.

E-pipe :- An electronic pipe

E-cigar / E-gar :- An Electronic Cigar

Primer puff :- The art of taking a quick inhale / exhale on the Ecig to engage the atomiser

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