E-Liquid Intruduction
E-liquid introduction  
E-liquid(Electronic cigarette liquid) has been purified from natural plant, by biological technology,  according to the standard "nicotine replacement" principle. It does not contain harmful tar and carbon monoxide and other harmful substances, and by the competent authority of approval.
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Propylene glycol, pure water, glycerol, tobacco flavor, nicotine(from tobacco leaf),and so on.
1. The composition of Cartridge/e-liquid:
INGRENDIENTS                                                                CONTENT           
Regular, Flue cure tobacco, Vanilla, Menthol, Cherry, 555, Marlboro, Mild Seven, YR-4, Hilton, cigar, Chocolate, Apple, Coffee, Cola, Cream, Red tea, Red Bull, French Pipe, Caramel, Strawberry, Coconut, Peach, Pineapple, Tasteless and Healthcare. And we can product the other taste of the liquid, For example: China,  Ginseng,  Licorice, Rose, Almond, Grape, Lemon, etc.
TOBACCO ESSENCIAL FLAVOR,VIRGINIA                             <5%
TOBACCO ABSOLUTE,VIRGINIA                                            <5%
TOBACCO ABSOLUTE,BURLEY                                             <5%
ORIENT TOBACCO ABSOLUTE,TURKY                                  <5%
NICOTINE (FROM TOBACCO LEAF)                                     <1.2%
2,3,5-TRIMETHYLPYRAZINE                                                <1%
2,3-DIMETHYLPYRAZINE                                                       <1%
2,5-DIMETHYLPYRAZINE                                                       <1%
2-ETHYLPYRAZINE                                                                  <1%
2-ACETYLPYRAZINE                                                                <1%
4-(2,6,6-TRIMETHYLCYCLOHEX-2-BUTENE-4-ONE)           <5%
4-(2,6,6-TRIMETHYLCYCLOHEX-3-BUTENE-4-ONE)           <2%
LINAL0OL                                                                                <2%
MENTHOL                                                                               <2%
METHYL BUTYRIC ACID (2-)                                                     <2%
ROSE OIL,BULGARIAN,TRUE OTTO                                          <2%
VANILLA EXTRACT                                                                   <5%
OCTALACTONE(GAMMA-)                                                        <1%
UNDECALACTONE(GAMMA-)                                                   <1%
PURE WATER                                                                          <20%
PROPYLENE GLYCOL                                                              >50%GLYCEROL                                                                             <10%              

2. The flavors of the Cartridge/e-liquid:
regular tobacco e-liquid
Regular Tobacco: original tobacco flavor, heavy tobacco flavor
Flue cured Tobacco: Also known as Bright or Virginia Tobacco, composed of 100% flue-cured Gold Leaf tobacco, With no chemical flavorings or casings. And the wonderful tobacco aroma shines,  very heavy and flavorful, is the most popular kind of e-cigarette liquid
Marlboro Flavor : Like a really full flavored Marlboro with its unique and strength flavor. 5 different nicotine densities can be choosen.
555 electronic cigarette liquid
555 Flavor: Like a State Express 555 flavored. strong and yet mild and pleasant cigarettes. 5 different nicotine densities can be choosen.
french pipe e-juice
French Pipe: A woody pipe flavor just like your dad used to smoke.
Hilton flavor e-liquid
Hilton Flavor: Like the Hilton kings, more aromatic taste in their smoke. Only High density can be chosen.
cigar e-cigs liquid
Cigar Flavor: like you smoke a cigar, aromas in the tobacco over time to impart a subtle and pleasant taste, Only High density can be chosen.
camel flavor ejuice
Camel: The flavors for Camel  are original, natural, smooth flavor with a hint of bergamot,contain a blend of Turkish and Virginia tobacco
vanilla e-cigarette liquid
Vanilla: tobacco has a mellow french vanilla flavor, Sweet and smooth vanilla taste
Menthol e-liquid
Menthol: Mint tobacco, one of the classics, this mint has a great icy taste and very rich smoke
clove e-cigarette liquidClove: like you smoke a clove cigarette, spicy and sweet, with a somewhat penetrating flavor
apple flavors eliquid
Apple: The apple flavor has a subtle hint of anis (like a black licorice). The smoke is nice and thick. 
pench e-cig refill liquid
Peach: White Peach is one of our most talked about flavors, it has a bold, peachy flavor and a great, thick smoke.
coconut refill e-liquid
Coconut: Coconut flavor is thick and rich with strong coconut flavor and aroma.
pineapple e-smoking liquid
Pineapple:is so smooth, it’s almost kind of creamy. The pineapple flavor is great.
cherry refilled e-liquid
Cherry: The cherry flavor is sweet, but not too strong.
strawberry eliquid
Strawberry: is one of the classics, has a pleasant, lighter tasting flavor. Reminds us most of strawberry jam.
chocolate e-liquid
Chocolate: Heavy chocolate taste with excellent finish
cocolate e-smoking liquid
Cola: It tastes just like cola, tastes like soda pop, has a thick, flavorful smoke.
coffee ejuice 
Coffee: the smell of coffee, like drinking a cup of strong coffee,
coffee smell in your mouth.
red bull refill bulk liquid
Red Bull: Tastes very similar to the popular beverage. This might just make you grow wings.
red tea e-liquid
Red Tea:Red Tea (Rooibos Tea), also known as red bush is less of tea, and more of an herbal brew, enjoyed for its fruity, mild-flavour, is a popular health beverage and is totally caffeine-free.
camarel e-cigarette liquid
Caramel: Chewy, sweet and rich, it’s a taste of the old-fashioned
Healthcare e-liquid
Healthcare: a little bitter, like ginseng taste. No nicotine, See Detail Healthcare
there have 6 different nicotine density for your choices
   *Super high density of nicotine:  36 mg/g nicotine


3. Nicotine Density of Cartridge/e-liquid:
    Extra high density of nicotine:  24 mg/g nicotine
   *High density of nicotine:  16 mg/g nicotine
   * Medium density of nicotine:  11 mg/g nicotine
   * Low density of nicotine:  6 mg/g nicotine
   *Non density of nicotine:   0 mg/g nicotine
E-liquid with nicotine contents of 36mg, 24mg, 16mg, 11mg and 6mg can only be used as substitute in smoke and E-liquid with zero nicotine content is for long-term use. And if the E-liquid taste is Hilton, and cigar,  its density of nicotine are High ( like a really brand cigarette density), but the E-liquid taste is Healthcare, its None. In addition to containing Propylene glycol, pure water, glycerol, tobacco flavor, but also add a special ginseng, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E, etc. and no nicotine. It is the best choice for smokers. See Detail Healthcare electronic cigarette liquid, atomized liquid, eliquid, e-smoking liquid, Tobacco Juice, e-cigarette liquid, e-cigarette Juice, e-zigarette liquid, elektrische cigarette liquid, e-sigaret liquid, e cigs Juice, e-cig liquid.

4. Healthcare E-liquid:

5.E-liquid alias:
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