E-Cigs Introduction
E-cigs introduction  
No fire, no tar, no carbon monoxide, no ash and no stub
      The Electronic Cigarette is nonflammable electronic atomizing device, E-cigarette looks and acts like a cigarette, it gives you the same feeling of a tobacco cigarette, but do not need any ignition. E-cigarettes are marketed as a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking, since most of the harmful material produced by the combustion of tobacco in traditional cigarettes is not present in the atomised liquid of e-cigarettes, it is the ideal substitute for cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette Introduction:
It adopts the advanced microelectronic technology and supercritical physical atomized technology, to atomize the E-smoking Liquid. The essentially differences between the Electronic cigarette and the ordinary cigarettes are as follows:
1. No tar and other carcinogenic substance or harmful ingredients to human body.
2. No ignition required, without the danger hence will not lead to the of over 4000 chemical. Substance produced by the ordinary cigarettes, like carbon monoxide.
3. Harmless to other and the environment, without the danger of second-hand smoking.
4. No possibility to cause fire. It can be used safely in most No-smoking places

Electronic Cigarette Characteristic:


 1. No ignition and no fire hazard. free of tar and other carcinogenic or harmful ingredients.
2. Humanized design, the temperature of the simulative smog is similar to that of human body
3. No enviromental pollution, there is no harm from second-hand smoking. 
4.Contain high-purity nocitine, designed based on the WHO-recommended Nicotine Replacement Therapy; enable smolders to quit smoke no-painfully. 
5.The nicotine content per electronic cigarette cartridge is less than that of 20 ordinary cigarettes, and the state of discontinuous liquid supply specially designed prevents smokers from somoking continuously by this device, thus reducing the use frequency and protecting smokers' health. 

Electronic Cigarette Stucture:


The Electronic Cigarette is a high-tech products, Composed by Head light, battery, control circuit, Switch, connector, atomizer, liquid core, and inhaler.
                                              Electronic cigarette Stucture

User Qualification:

1.      Suitable users

-People with long smoking history, and suffering from uncomfortable feeling.
-People who work in non-smoking environments but desire to smoking.
-People determined to quit smoking.
2.      Unsuitable users
-Minors under the age of 18.
-People who do not smoke.
-People sensitive to nicotine or any other ingredients in the inhalant.
-Pregnant and breast feeding women.
-People who’s doctor forbids them from smoking.

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